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There are no we. We are actually me; Regis J. Serinko, Ph.D. "About Me" seemed egotistical, so I nixed the first person singular in favor of the first person plural. That, of course, risks sounding pompous, but I'm confident that once you meet me you'll realize that that is not the case.

I have a Bachelors of Science in physics from St. Vincent College where I wrote my senior thesis on optical holography.

Next I went to graduate school at Penn State in physics. My first research paper was a theoretical paper on nonlinear optics after which I shifted my research to theoretical chemical physics. The messiness of my research problem left me disillusioned.

So I left ABD for a research job at the University of Georgia where I worked on Monte Carlo simulations of a kinetic Ising model. This work in statistical physics piqued my interest in probability theory.

I returned to Penn State, eventually landing in the Statistics Department where, at the time, the University's only probabilist resided, to complete a Master of Science and a Doctorate of Philosophy in mathematical statistics. My research focused on problems in asymptotic probability theory which arose in the theory of k-mean clustering, a very popular statistical procedure which is widely used in machine learning. But don’t ask me any practical questions about the procedure, that’s not my bailiwick.

After I completed my doctorate, I stayed on as a faculty member in the Statistics Department at Penn State. My research shifted yet again. This time to ergodic theory and the estimation of correlation dimension from an orbit of a dynamical system.

My next move was to Purdue University where I was a visiting faculty member in the Statistics Department. While I was there I continued my research on ergodic theory and dimension estimation. I also spent time learning about the theory of time series, an area closely related to the research I was doing at the time.

When I returned to Penn State from Purdue, I spent time on the faculty of both the Statistics Department and the Mathematics Department.

I left the University when I realized that the only way to be your own boss was to be your own boss. And tutoring has allowed me to be my own boss. Aside from not having a boss, there are many things that I love about tutoring. In academia, you teach a few classes a year and typically teach the same ones for a few years running, which can get stale. As a tutor, every semester I get to tutor a wide variety of classes which keeps me intellectually alive, plus there are no lectures to write and no papers to grade. But, perhaps the best part of tutoring is that, unlike classroom teaching, there is no conflict between evaluating students and helping them. My only job is to help my clients.

Now that’s enough about me. Request a free consultation so that I can learn about you and how I may help.