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How We Tutor

The guiding principle at iMathTutor® is that to understand either mathematics or statistics one must do mathematics or statistics.

Although no two students needs are identical and there is wide latitude in how we work with a student toward their goals, we typically meet a student once a week for each course that we are working with them in. These hour long standing sessions are scheduled a day prior to homework due dates or quiz dates, depending how the course is structured, to assure that the student can do their homework assignments or is prepared for their quizzes. Additional sessions are often scheduled at exam times.

A prepared mind is essential to learning. Hence we expect a student to have made a good faith effort at their assigned or suggested problems before our meetings. At our meetings, we clarify concepts as needed, go over the work a client has attempted on their own and where the client has stumbled we guide him or her through the process of the task at hand, whether it is problem solving, proof construction and writing, or statistical analysis.

We are also available via email, at no extra charge, to address small problems that may develop between standing sessions.

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