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How We Have Adapted to the Pandemic

What has not changed is our guiding principle which is that to understand either mathematics or statistics one must do mathematics or statistics. What has changed is the way in which we deliver our services. Our primary means of delivery is now online, but we continue to provide face-to-face tutoring with modifications for clients that prefer this mode of delivery.

About Online Tutoring

We use Google Meet for our online sessions. There is no software to install and no account to set-up in order to use Meet. Once you have scheduled a session you will receive a link to your Meet. To join the Meet all you need do is click the link and give Meet permission to use your mic and camera.

During the session we will use the screen presentation feature of Meet to show you our notes and graphics. And you can use it to show us your homework solutions and other relevant materials such as problems from an eTextbook.

A LaTeX paste bin is used to create notes during an online session. Unlike the handwritten notes that one gets with a whiteboard, the LaTeX notes are of typeset quality. You can see what the notes look like at the link below.

These notes are made available to you after your session via a collection of links.

For our more advanced clients who know some LaTeX, a CoCalc chat room which supports LaTeX is used for two-way communications.

Whenever it is necessary to present a graph during a session, GeoGebra is used. Again this yields a higher quality, than the hand drawn graph one gets with a whiteboard. You can learn more about GeoGebra at the link below.

Finally, a screencast is made of your session and uploaded to YouTube where you can view it at your convenience. We typically set the privacy on YouTube to private and share it with you via your Google account. If you don't have a Google account,we can set the privacy to unlisted instead.

About Face-to-Face Tutoring

We want to encourage our clients to meet with us online rather than face-to-face. Hence we have instituted a $10 per person surcharge for all face-to-face sessions during the pandemic.

Face-to-face tutoring during the pandemic requires some precautions to protect you and us. Thus we require that you wear a mask during a session and we too will wear one. We will also take your temperature with an infrared thermometer before the start of a session. If you are running a fever the session will be rescheduled for a time when your temperature has returned to normal. In addition, we will not share pens or pencils at a session, and we suggest that you bring plastic baggies to place the session notes in.

A location for your session will be determined during your consultation.